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顧德莎老師 About Gu De-Sha

獨家授權/顧德莎女士 Exclusive Agent

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*Footprint Creative Marketing Company is the exclusive agent for Gu De-Sha-licensed products. Any unauthorized marketing or sales may result in legal action.

Chiayi-born female writer/painter Gu De-Sha

Gu De-Sha faced many challenges. While fighting a major illness she picked up her pen again and found healing in the written word. She used poetry to fight her illness, refining and deepening her creative energy as she experienced life. After battling cancer for a decade, she learned oil painting techniques. Her works are comforting, as she tapped into life’s resplendent light through her brushstrokes. She took the opportunity to illuminate every dark moment until her light was extinguished.

Before her death, we discussed with her the opportunity to incorporate her paintings into daily life. We hoped that through her works more of her fans could learn from her and bravely face life’s challenges.

In 2019, we completed this mission!

After several discussions, design drawings were made and transformed into products that preserve the elegance and warmth of her works. We are fortunate that Taiwan has master craftspeople who are dedicated to traditional industries. Together we worked hard to develop wonderful products. Through these products, we remember that life is like flowers in bloom and that each moment is to be cherished.

If you would like to purchase Gu De-Sha-licensed products, please click on “Contact Us” and leave a message or search for @BurningStoneSmallShop on Facebook and leave a message. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!



Color is the embodiment of the soul, the spreading of life energy.