Aug 2017 限定紀念品

喜歡量身打造客製化的你 For those who like customization

限定伴手禮 Limited souvenirs

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The True Beauty of Taiwan
When greeting friends from abroad, in addition to introducing them to Taiwan’s great foods, landscapes, and hospitality, it is important is giving them a gift that is representative of Taiwan to take home with them.

Taiwan-grown tea is one example, as it signifies the warmth of this land and its culture and history. We made use of elements of Jade Mountain and Sun Moon Lake, two of Taiwan’s most well-known scenic places, to design gift sets of Oolong tea and black tea, which are grown in these two places, respectively. These classic tea gift sets highlight the local features of Taiwan.

The bag design is based on the unique landscapes of Taiwan’s high mountains, presenting a sedate and outstanding style. The theme of the inner packaging is Jade Mountain’s main peak or Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu Island to showcase the uniqueness of Taiwan’s natural landscapes and to enhance the association with Taiwan.

There is a type of beauty that is called the true beauty of Taiwan!