Jan 2018 視覺設計

交通部觀光局 Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications 2018/01

視覺設計 32 Special Stamps

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Youth Travel 2018 – 32 Special Stamps for Train Stations in Taiwan and Japan with the Same Name

Perhaps this is something that you have not heard about yet, but in Taiwan and Japan there are 32 train stations with the same name.

Railway tourism is a popular form of specialty tourism and train enthusiasts support the railways of both Taiwan and Japan. To increase interest in visiting the 32 stations with the same names in Taiwan and Japan, Youth Travel 2018 activities were developed, including souvenir stamps with designs based on the local characteristics and glorious past of each of these stations.

In addition to obtaining special stamps, travelers were encouraged to explore the area around each station through themed itineraries increasing their emotional bonds with these places. For these overseas travelers, the wonderful memories of their time in Taiwan can be kept close to their hearts and revisited through collected stamps.


8 month

Life is like a collection of stamps. Each one is associated with a special memory.