Sep 2017 商品開發

日月潭國家風景區管理處 Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration

日月潭文創商品開發 Best Souvenirs of Sun Moon Lake

操作概念 Concept



The Best Souvenirs of Sun Moon Lake – Development of Indigenous Community-Inspired Creative and Cultural Products

We often visit indigenous communities, where we talk and interact with residents. We stay there, observing, experiencing, and recording various aspects of indigenous community life. From the passing on of cultural heritage to art, songs, dances, cuisine, ecology, traditional knowledge, and community landscapes, we have experienced many surprises. In Taiwan, there are many places that have yet to be discovered!

Through long-term learning and in-depth experiences, we developed Sun Moon Lake-branded creative and cultural products based on indigenous community motifs, images, stories, handicrafts, dances, and ceremonies. We conceived of designs, carried out communication and discussion, and obtained the agreement of indigenous community residents. These products include pestle-inspired pencils, black bulbul-inspired incense holders and suitcase covers, and owl-inspired incense sticks and camera straps. For travelers to Sun Moon Lake these are the best souvenirs!

Indigenous community culture – Authentic, passionate, and moving